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  • 150 Red Angus Steers

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    Shaw Ranch - Joes, CO
    Top Dollar Angus - 150 Red Angus Steers @ 700 lbs

    Selling: Direct Trade - Contact Don Graham @ 918-706-8875 or Kenny Stauffer @ 308-641-0429 for details and pricing

    This is a high genetic, high value set of Top Dollar Angus - qualified Red Angus steers. Shaw Ranch's cattle rank in the Top 25% of the entire Red Angus breed for their growth and carcass value traits. This outstanding set of Red Angus steers qualified easily for the Top Dollar Angus program through many years of dedication to procure high carcass/growth sires for their operation. They have a very strong breeding program and buy outstanding terminal trait Red Angus sires from one of the best Red Angus breeders in Colo; Croissant Red Angus. They continually purchase sires that rank in the top 10% of the Croissant Red Angus sale each year. These steers are green and running out, you won't find many 700 lbs steers in this kind of flesh! Don't miss this opportunity for a nice set of NHTC steers.

    • Genetically Certified - Top Dollar Angus
    • Home Raised
    • FCCP Red Angus Yellow Tag
    • Age/Sourced Verified
    • Good Vaccination Program
    • Weaned 100+ Days
    • Running out on native grass with little hay supplement
    • NHTC Certified
    • 2 Big Loads
    • HEALTH: Cattle Master Gold & 7-Way+ Somnus - Pre-Conditioning; Cattle Master Gold & 7-Way+ Somnus - Boostered